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Monday, February 20, 2012

Update on the family

The end of the year started rather nicely with the announcement that my family would be growing. Yes, my son and his bride are already adding to their family.
B2 - Gummy
They refer to him/her as gummy because they believe he looks like a gummy I refer to him as
B2...for baby number 2. They don't really care what the gender is so long as the baby is healthy, but if 
they could choose, they'd like a son so they have a

But the beginning of the year was very sad. My Aunt Virginia suffered a stroke and went into a coma. The very next day her daughter died unexpectedly. Within 2 weeks Aunt Virginia passed as well. They were lovely ladies and they shall be very much missed.

As you may know my son lives in Cincinnati (I live in Dayton). His car broke down while I was in Tennessee for my cousins funeral. So they no longer get to come visit with my grand daughter. But I can go there so as my finances and these every rising prices on the gas will allow. After my Aunt V passed (and she was laid to rest in TN too, next to her husband and daughter) we had a memorial celebration with the family here. I went to Cincy and picked the kids up and brought them home for it. I so enjoyed seeing them even under such sobering circumstances. As it happened the memorial was on my son's birthday, my baby turned 21 and he hasn't been my "baby" in a long time...

 Isn't my sweet girl so pretty, what a happy smile.     

 My dil and her baby...nothing like a mommy's kiss.

This past weekend I volunteered at the fundraising gala for Artemis Center (it is a resource center for domestic violence and a worthy cause). It was a lovely affair held at a local country club. I got to get all gussied up for it...any excuse to dress up is a fun

 Looking regal in my    

 Having fun with the photo booth props.

I just registered for my final quarter before graduation. I will graduate Wright State University this June with a bachelors in Public Administration/Nonprofit Management. Then I will have to figure out what I wanna be when I grow up. I am considering going for my masters but perhaps I will just find a job instead. So many options. 

In July my favorite cousins, my son and his family and I will be going for a little vacation to a cabin in Kentucky. I can't wait. I haven't been on a real live vacation in over 16 years...and to be with my favorite family members who make me laugh so hard I cry will just be the bit of relaxing I need. It will also be about a month and a half before the newest member of the family will be born. 

So while the first of the year has had its tragedies and joys the middle of the year promises to have many more joys and that is a blessing!

Hope you are all having a safe, happy and healthy new year!

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