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Sunday, February 19, 2012

International Post Card Swap from Musings on Reality

Hello everyone;

My offerings for the Post Card Swap
At the end of last year I joined a "post card swap" hosted by Musings On Reality blog. It is a very witty and interesting blog, you should stop by and take a peak if you have time.

Anyway...I thought I would share the post cards that I have made and am sending out just in the nick of time as the deadline is I hope you enjoy them. I tried some new techniques such as water colors and scrapping with mixed results. I think they are all nice enough to share but, as I am sure many of you understand, you have a certain expectation as an artist and sometimes you don't feel you live up to that. Hopefully everyone who rec'vs one of mine will like them well enough!!!

Stop by again soon....

A zentangle inspired piece (ink, colored pencil and glitter)

This is done in a "journaling" technique.
I love it when I have seen others do it.
I am unsure how I feel about mine. At
times I like it and others, not so much.
The quotes are all about trees, of
(ink and colored pencil)

I am rather pleased with this as it is my first ever
watercolor!!! I thinks it's pretty good....even if I
say so myself...and I
(water color and ink)

This is done with ink and water colors. Then I  used
the butterflies and added glitter to them. I think it
has a nice effect all together.

This is just one of my doodles....I really enjoy this type
of free drawing the best. I think it is very expressive.
I know you shouldn't be boastful of yourself, but I am
very fond of this type of art. This is done in ink and
colored pencils.

Another zentangle inspired piece done in ink and 
pastels my first experimentation in pastels. I rather
enjoyed them and hope to become better with them.

This was my first attempt at "multi-media" for this swap.
I have used multi-media techniques in my other art but
I think I was being too literal here because someone was
challenging me, so to speak. I used scraping, watercolor
pencils, ink, and stickers. Overkill perhaps, as multi-media
goes, but I am not too unhappy with it.  ;-)

This is one I am very proud of. I did the flowers in
a combo of watercolors and ink. I then cut them out
and placed them with scrapping stickers for a 3D
sorta effect. I made the leaves from scrap paper
and then added a lovely quote by Gerard De Nerval;
Every flower is a soul blossoming in Nature.

This was my last one. It too is zentangle inspired 
(inspired because I do not solely use patterns from
zentangling). It has a faded pastel back ground in 
shades of pink, purple, blue, green and yellow and is
drawn in ink.

This is zentangle inspired made with ink, colored 
pencil and rhinestones.


Took my postcards to the post office...My "3D" one is being sent to the Netherlands and even though I marked it "fragile handle with care" (which used to mean it would be pulled and hand stamped everywhere it went along its way to the destination) it will be sent through the machines all the way there. I pray that it manages to get there still looking at least 1/2 way decent...not happy!!!! :-(


  1. awesome awesome PC's cittie! i am the proud owner of the 4th one down the sparkly butterflies...whoop whoop!! blest be :)

  2. Oh fun!!! It's nice to know who got it!!! I am glad you liked it!!! THANKS for letting me know!!!