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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

International Postcard Swap 2012, cards rec'vd

I was going to wait to share until I had rec'vd all 10 but patience is NOT a virtue of Below are the cards I have rec'vd, they are all so unique and interesting. I hope you enjoy them too!

Here are the seven I have rec'vd so far.... -- Kay Milan, San Antonio, TX
And Kay was my very first card!!!! -- Anna Micciolla, 

Tracy L Vandermay, Bellingham WA
This has come the farthest....England!!!

Tricia Lawson....I have no idea where she is from,
unfortunately no return addy??? But what a 
BEAUTIFUL card!!! Rachel
again, no return addy but very cool card!!!

Kara, I wish ppl would have given me their
general But again, I love the is a great reminder of why I began
to dabble in art in the first place!!!

I hope you enjoy these lovely postcards as much as I do. Check out these blogs....they are fabulous and fun!

Just a side note...I live in Kettering, Ohio and it is LEAP DAY!!! 2/29/2012!!! And the weather is a frigid 68 degrees!!! I love when we have such cold My only fear is the great (in my opinion) winter we have had this year can only bode poorly for the summer....I don't tolerate heat well!!!!! 

Have a lovely extra February day!!!!

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