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Monday, July 23, 2012

I am entering another postcard swap. It was a "quickie" so to speak. You could create as many as you wanted and so long as they are post marked by the 28th you will be a part of it. I have two entries and I plan on having them in the mail by the 26th (Thurs)...fingers crossed I don't

The main requirement for these is a Monochromatic Color Scheme. I chose blue. More because it was the first bottle than I had any real preference. A monochromatic scheme is something I have been thinking of for a bit now. This was the catalyst I needed. I really enjoyed and I think I may eventually do a whole painting based on it. I hope you enjoy my entries below. And...if you have a hankering to join, I am including the link. These took me less than 2 days total so there is still time to join...even with just one card. Imagine the cards you'll rec'v in return!!!

Entry number one has an acrylic background and I used a brush pen and a sharpie for the design with a total of 3 variants of blue:

The second entry also has an acrylic paint background and the flower and quote are done with faber castel brush pen, sharpie, gel pen, and 3 shades of oil pastels. All total there are 6 variants of blue.

Spent a lovely weekend with my daughter in law and grand daughter. I had such a good time. Loving how my family is growing. A little under one month before my second grand daughter is due. Katie will get induced on the 22 of August and we expect Persephone to make her entrance by the 23rd. WHEW!!!!! Can't wait. This year has just flown by and I almost shocked to realize that she is about to arrive. With Sophia those nine months were more like nine Such an exciting time in our lives. 

Have a great to you all soon!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I haven’t thanked you yet for your MMSA monochromatic card! I love the blue doodles – it was totally fun….you're a doodler extraordinaire! I thought I’d responded to all these but as I was cleaning my desk today I found a small stack of p/c that needed a thank you. I’m embarrassed it took so long, but it’s much appreciated!

    1. Thanks so much Terrie!!!! I understand how time can slip away. I appreciate you dropping by and letting me know you liked it. I also am very flattered by you lovely compliments!!! THANKS!!!!

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