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Monday, September 3, 2012

It's Labor Day here in the states. A time to recognize and honor the working people in both the US and Canada. It is, sadly, also the beginning of the end of summer. But this year it may not be all that sad. I will not miss the 80-90+ weather, the endless days without rain. I will not miss my broken a/c or the times we went without power for longer than 3 hours due to the only 2 or 3 times we got rain. I am looking forward to cooling temps, the vivid golds, reds and oranges of changing leaves. I love the crunching of the fallen leaves under my feet. I love the whirling of the leaves as they are caught up in a breeze, it reminds me of wood nymphs and fairies dancing. I am especially looking forward to the autumn holidays. Perhaps most especially, HALLOWEEN!!! Who doesn't love to play dress up??? Especially if there is candy involved...hahaha.

But can keep your snow and ice. The frigid temperatures (anything below 35 degrees). can snow, on the grass, in yards and on parks, on the trees, the tops of homes....but NOT on the road ways and sidewalks!!!!! No, No, NO!!!!!! And ice....iced over ponds or lakes is fine....but do NOT ice my roads or walkways!!!! PLEASE!!!!! 

I will miss this summer more than most. I graduated, I had a job (and then had to quit because they weren't paying me....arrrggghhh), I went on my first vacation in SEVENTEEN years. I a para-sailed!!! And while I was able to check that off my bucket list, I put it right back on, cause I could do that ALL DAY, WEEK...forever!!!! AND my second grand daughter was born and my first celebrated her first birthday!!!!

Yep, That's me, on the right. 500 feet above the ocean in Destin, Florida. 
I am terrified of heights but I was not afraid of this and I could have stayed
up FOREVER and a day!!!! I highly recommend this to everyone!!!

Miss Sophia Elizabeth holding her brand new baby sister, Persephone Ann.
I love this picture, it makes me HAPPY!!!

Sooooo many birthday shots, but I think this is one of my favorites!!! 
I made her cake, it was a "healthy" banana blueberry cake. My dil
suggested that I use cool whip with blueberry puree folded in for a
healthier version of icing. I then decorated it around the edge and in
the center (forming and S) with blueberries. She loved it!!!! The 
adults had a really lovely iced professional cake of the decadently
unhealthy But she did get to taste a smidgen of the icing.

Some family and I are discussing opening an art business, probably online first and see where it goes from there. So I am sure the next year will be filled with a lot of creativity and I just can't wait!!! I will give you more details as soon as I know them. 

I am back to looking for a real "big-girl" job again. I had hoped the ease and luck I had getting the first even before I graduated would single my life becoming more financially stable. Unfortunately, that was the farthest from the truth. A great organization but there is some flaws that need to be ironed out. I am sure they will get them corrected and continue to flourish and do great work in our community. I just wasn't able to hang on until then. Fingers crossed it doesn't take long to find a new one!!!

The following are some of the doodles I have been working on this summer:

There were more but I had 2 computers commit Harry Carrey on my this summer (that makes 4 in less than a year), and until I can get them off the hard drives much of my work is unattainable... argggh!!!! The last one is titled Percie's Posies and was done in honor of my sweet new grand, Persephone. We are still trying to figure out a good nic name that everyone can agree too. Her parents call her Sephie which most think is too confusingly close to Sophie, but I say the parents have the right to choose. Some call her Percy/Percie, I occassionally call her Pers (as in the purring of a cat, says the crazy cat lady with four Mostly I call her Pippa and her sister Pia. But whatever you call them you would be most correctly if you called them breathtakingly lovely!!!! 

So that was my summer in a nut shell. I am hoping for a long and beautiful Autumn. Can't wait for Halloween, Thanksgiving, apple cider, fall apples, trick-or-treating, and so much more!!!! Please keep your fingers crossed that my job hunting is short and fruitful!!!

Take care!!!

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