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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Second International Mixed Media Post Card Swap is in the bag!!!

Hello everyone!!!

I have had such a RUSHED summer so far. I thought I would have more time after graduation to enjoy the little things like my art and this blog. Hmmmmm..... And oh my goodness, can you believe that in nearly four weeks my second grand daughter will enter the world??? With Sophia it dragged by, I thought she would never arrive. With Persephone the time has gone so very, very quickly. Exciting and scary all at the same time!!!

I just completed (2 weeks LATE) the 2nd International Mixed Media Post Cart Swap from the hostess of Musings on Realities ( I am so a shamed to be so late but really life has been a mess of contract work, job search, family stuff and oh so much more. And then of course there was the 3 week wait to get paid before I could get stamps. Hopefully that "snaffu" will never happen again...grrrr!!!! But, I over extended myself, hopefully I will be forgiven. I did get them done and in the mail...20 days late....Fingers crossed that I won't be band from future swaps because of my tardiness!!!!

So the first set are the four I received. I only got 4 of the expected 10 and it sorta relieved me. It made me feel that I was not the only one with good intentions that life pushed And the four I got are fun and unique....

From Mr. John Huber -- #3 Slither-Man
From Pennsylvania 

From Dorcas Pennyfather from the UK

From Carina from VA

From Marsie Nollette out of WA

Aren't those such a diverse group of cards. I find them all fun and interesting. It is always exciting to see the different techniques used and different talents of everyone. 

The following are the card I sent and enough of the envelope is showing so you can see where I sent them...

I used a variety of techniques. I added "scrap" flowers and wooden tokens I had painted. I used zentangle and doodling. Painting and stamping. The cards with the "ladies" are from a post card book I found at my local Goodwill that I altered with ink and paint. I have my favorites but I will let you decide which you like the best.

So....I will share one other photo. It is of my grand Sophia. I got to keep her for 3 days all on my own!!! Very exciting to have our first Lola and Pia time! She will be one approximately one week after Persephone is born. I am getting so excited!!! I will also be going on my first vacation in about 17 or 18 years. Destin, Florida here I come!!!! I will go on vacation and come home JUST in time for my daughter-in-law to be induced. YEAH ME!!!! lol The following picture of Sophia at one of the local "water" parks. She just looks like she was having a blast!!!

TaTa For Now!!!! I hope to be back soon....Please feel free to visit me on face book:

or my photo journal of the folks in my area at:

I also highly recommend you check out the Musings on Realities blog (reach through the link in the first section). Especially if you would like to be notified of future post card swaps. It is fun and I really enjoy it. I know you would too!!!

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