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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Post Easter musings

Hello everyone!!! I had a heck of a week. Fun yet

It started of course with Easter Sunday. I went to my cousin Jon's for Easter Dinner. If you love ham I would challenge you that you do not really know "HAM" till you've had one of my cousin's. He smoked and O-M-G it was divine!!!! Oh and WOW the desserts. Key Lime bars and Lemon Meringue Pie. I had never had either and they were both so tart and amazing. I wanna have them every day!!!!

It was a great food and fun filled day. My son had to work so I didn't get to visit them for my Sophia's (official) first Easter. But I was able to go on Tuesday and we celebrated then. My son's car had died a unexpected death in February and Tuesday they were ready to get another. I was lucky enough to be able to go to Cincinnati to help them with the process. (By help them I mean babysit with my grand while they did there magic car buying While there I also got to see my son at work in his Applebee's (he is one of their star server's) I took a photo but he'd do more than roll his eyes if I posted it But you can believe me when I say that he is one hot server!!! lol The following pics are from my day with him and his family.

Look mommy my bottle has

Lola and Pippa celebrating her first Easter!!!

Aren't my babies beautiful!!!!

Lovely family, proud daddy and hubby

Sleepy girl with her new lamby


Have to take a brag second here....not only is she just downright adorable...
but the incredibly cute (if I do say so myself) bunny hat she has on was made
with all the love I could. I am so tickled with the way it turned out and how cute
she looks in it!!!! Bragging second

Sophia approves of the new car!!!

Happy couple 

Taking Ma for a spin!!!

YEAH!!! Productive day!!!

BUT....I got home that night and by midnight I was sick as a dog (why do you suppose we use that expression. I've had many dogs in my 48 years and really, for the most part, they were never as sick as I was this week!!!) By Tuesday night I was so cold (and I never get cold) that it hurt. How does the cold hurt??? Oh but it did. I turned my heat on for like only the 3rd time this year. I was "better" by Wednesday but not 100%. Had some meetings that I had to go to both Tuesday and Weds but whenever possible I stayed in bed. My little nursemaid stayed with most of the time to make sure I took care of myself....

Nurse Mimi tending her patient

Friday (yes, Friday the I had a fundraising event for my student association. As you may recall I am a Urban Affairs/Nonprofit Management student at Wright State University. I belong to WSU Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Student Association. Our Alumni Association (WSUNLAAA) had a Wine Tasting and Silent Auction. I donated a painting and 8 all occasion cards. Due to being sick I barely got the painting done and I only had half the cards done. I am not really pleased with either but an obligation is an obligation. So, I promised to deliver the painting and cards for the highest bidder to buy me a few days to get the cards done. Now that I have the painting back home I am trying to resist the urge to tweak to my level of satisfaction but I am told (and I am trying to obey) that it is unethical to alter the painting that was bid We'll My poor little Figaletto was placed next to an AWESOME giant of a painting that was made by one of our alum's neice. I do not know the title or the artist name but you can see how it's magnificence had my poor Figgie cowering next to

You can see how Figgie is shrinking in on himself as he 
cowers in the shadow of the "great one" <wink>

I need to find out the name and title of this.
This artist has donated 2 times to our group
and she is just AMAZING! I suggested that 
the next time she include a demonstration/class
separately....I would save my pennies to bid as high
as possible for that opp!!!

Some good friends we had our own little "after party and
it was a great time...looking forward to it again soon!!

The gent with the (white beard) is one of the best
Political Science profs ever!!! I came out with a
greater appreciation of the political process and a
renewed sense of patriotism due to him. I would
love to audit his other classes, I just don't want to
have to write the papers or take the
I have three profs like that. The Public Budgeting
prof, the research prof. and my poli-sci prof.
In fact...I think we should develop a coffee clutch
with them and my 2 Nonprofit advisers and let's
throw in my philosophy, religion and history profs
as back Those would be conversations 
to I'm not a genius, but I can 
appreciate, admire and envy it in others!!!

To round out my week I spend Saturday (yesterday 4 14 2012) with Stillwater Church for their framing of a Habitat for Humanity home. My cousins and a family friend and I had a great time building in the rain. They will be actually "building" the house around Memorial day weekend and I am hopeful I will have the opportunity to join in on that too!

This is the great family who is being honored by this build.

This is the basic layout of their new home. 
I loved it!!! I can't wait to see the finished product!!!

You know I had to keep everyone on the straight and narrow!!! ;-)

My build partner Chels

We make a great team....She's my favorite,
shhhh, don't tell anyone else, it's just our secret!

Nic (family friend) and Alexis. Alexis 
hooked me up with this gig and she is my
favorite cousin!!! Shhhhh, we have to
keep this a secret cause, wow, do the
others get jealous!!!

Look at me hard at work building some 
wall frames.....I'm a mean carpenter.

Here's our happy little group. Soggy (clear to our drawers)
but happy to have been a part of such a great experience.

One last inspections. Gotta make sure these
boys get it right!!!! ;-)

So this is Sunday (April 15th) and I am just winding down. I washed a bit of dishes, I contemplated cooking but opted for eating the reminder of the left over Easter Ham and the mini cupcakes from my cousin Alexis and her partner Jackie. Oh, I forgot to mention they donated a gift cert for their bakery business to the silent auction on friday. I feel in LOVE with their keylime cup cake and their chocolate peanut butter cup cake. I could eat a whole bowl of the peanut butter frosting by it's self. So anyway, yesterday after the build we stopped by Alexis's apt and I got to take some home. So Ham sammie and key lime and choco-peanut butter cupcakes have been my staples for the day. I did a bit more crocheting and I caught up with last weeks episode of America's Next Top Model and am about to watch last weeks Dancing with the Stars. Shhhh, don't tell me who got eliminated, I want it to be a 

Have a great week and we'll catch up again soon!!!

And Miss Lora, I hope you are continuing to have a great adventure in Buenos Aires.  

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