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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Inspiration comes from many places.....what inspires you?

As an artist I am inspired by many things and in many ways. I find youtube is a wealth of creative inspiration; from video demonstrations of techniques or supplies to the ability to see other artists work and their inspirations. The internet itself is quite inspiring. Through any search engine you can enter key words and view images of an infinite amount of inspiration.

For years I have enjoyed searching a wide variety of tarot sites to view the wonderful art that is Tarot Design!!! One of my all time favs is Stick People Tarot:

It's fun, whimsical and full of inspiration!!! I have always thought it would be fun and adventurous to attempt my own tarot deck with my non-objective (pattern and doodle) art. Imagine the possibilities!!! I think I would like to start with two of the most (to me in any case) inspirational cards of any tarot deck; The Fool or Death. Neither name truly incorporates the depth and scope of the esoteric meanings and visual cues of these cards. The Fool is a carefree, adventurous card that inspires one to be more childlike and receptive of new ideas and adventures. Certainly it offers the caution of not being so childlike that you are not aware of the dangers associated with any new venture but is also encouraging and invites walking a new path. The Death card doesn't necessarily (actually quite rarely) depict the death of anyone. It is a more holistic view of the word death. Death in it's most simplistic, means the end of something. It could mean the end of self in a very spiritual sense as when one changes employment, ends a relationship or even graduates from college (as I will do in It is the ending of our old selves and the beginning of something new. 

When you really look at the many artistic renderings of either of these cards you begin to see how much symbolism is in each picture and how graphically they truly represent the esoteric meanings of each. I think it would be quite interesting to very mindfully (keeping the meanings foremost in your mind) and yet absently (without pre-design) begin to create my own representation of these cards and then the entire deck. I am hoping to feel confident enough to trust my own instincts to do this before the end of the summer this year (2012). 

In one of my favorite facebook groups, Dream Doodles by Lyn., we have been sharing our artistic interpretations of the hand. These have been represented through photography, watercolors, zentangles and more. With Lyn's permission I am including the link below to her "Hand Jive" album so that you can check it out and get inspired yourself;

Right now I am working on several various pieces that have been inspired by my continuing journey on the World Wide Web. I look forward to sharing them here soon. What is inspiring you right now? Not just artistically, but culinarily, the entertainment you enjoy (books, movies, tv, music,etc.), and in your personal lives. Tonight I am inspired by tex-mex cuisine and will make a rice and andouille sausage casserole. My friend Lora recently inspired me to take up crocheting again and my grand daughter is inspiring me to make a easter bunny cap...if and when (lol) I complete that I will share the results.

Now it's your turn...what is inspiring YOU???

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