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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My completed donation for the WSUNLA Alumni Association Wine Tasting and Silent Auction

Earlier I posted pictures from my Alumni Association's Spring Wine Tasting and Silent Auction. You may remember that I didn't get to complete my donation because I had been ill the week of. I finally completed and delivered it this week. The winner was the CEO of our local American Red Cross chapter. He is also a member of our mentoring board and it is a great honor that he would even bid let alone win my art. He was very gracious when I called to set up delivery and flattered me so much that my ego grew at least 2

Below are the pictures of my completed donations. It includes 8 handmade all occasion note cards (each one with an original design hand drawn in ink and (color) pencil). And the ink and acrylic painting is titled Figaletto.
I hope you enjoy browsing....let me know what you think!


Completed package

I crocheted a bit of white yarn to tie the cards with and then 
printed a thank you note/receipt to go with it all. 

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