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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and much to be thankful for!!!

This has been a year of events to bring a great deal of joy into my life. I am very thankful for this great year!!!

First: My son met and brought home a beautiful young lady who instantly blended into the family!!! In February they announced they were expecting their first child and they planned to get married. While the announcements were sudden and quite the surprise; I was extremely happy for my son and couldn't wait to be a mother-in-law and grandma!!!

Second: May 14th my son and his girl married. It was a sweetly simple ceremony with family and a friends at Englewood Friends Church. YEAH!!!! I finally have a

The happy couple

The parents...all very happy for the wedding!!!

Third; August 31st my precious grand daughter was born:

Just minutes after she was born....Welcome Sophia Elizabeth

Fourth: watching her grow and spending time with the family have just been enhanced by my sweet girl!

Fun with various iphone apps Nov, 2011

My birthday pic...yes, we are in a cemetery! My birthday is Halloween, it just seemed

Me and Katie
the kids and I went to The Stoddard Pumpkin Glow,
Amazing pumpkins, great place for my
This is a ghost (pumpkin) family.

Lola (filipino for giving Pia her first taste of Thanksgiving ham (and

Fifth: my life has always been made happier with my fur-babies!!!

The Three Musketeers, (right to left) Dora, Diggory, and Cal

And of course the mischievous Queen of the group, Mimi.
Here she is entertaining herself with her favorite pastime, trying to steal my

This year has certainly been a year that I will always remember and always be thankful for!!! 

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