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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A lovely Birthday Weekend with my family!!!

Lola and her Pippa

This weekend my kids surprised me with a visit. They stayed 4 days and made my whole weekend!!! What a great birthday present. Sunday was the highlight, we went to Red Robins for my (FREE) birthday dinner. I got a teriyaki chicken sammie with pineapples, avocado and bacon....YUM!!! Then we went to the Rockfield Cemetery at Wright State University to take Halloween Family Pictures. It is a beautiful cemetery in the woods at WSU and (no disrespect intended) a fun place to take Halloween pictures!!! Then we went to the Stoddard Ave Pumpkin Glow (just behind the Greek Orthodox Church in the Grafton Hill area). It was BEAUTIFUL!! And though the kids didn't really wanna come they did it for me and that made it even more lovely. 

 I love this shot!!! My son, with his baby at his chest, and his beautiful wife, my Katie-girl!!!
Below are some of the highlights from the glow. 

My favorite emoticon

The delicacy of this was astounding.
It was carved more from the inside and it was
almost as thin as lace in some places.

Just a spooky way

The good Cap'n

This is a really great EYE!!!!

American Gothic Halloween Style
This was truly the best birthday I have had in some time!!! I am 48 years old and looking forward to many more years with my family!!!! They make me feel special and loved!!!

Hope everyone had a Spook-tacular Halloween!!!! and a Blessed Samhain!!!!

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