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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Maybe I am a dreamer....

A Country in Morning

I saw the following quote on a friends facebook wall; "Maybe I'm a dreamer, but I wish mental health care were as easy to get as, say, a gun." It was a repost from another wall and I apologize but I didn't not save the name of this wise person. There is a lot of truth in this statement, better and more easily accessible mental health care is more important than gun control. 

I do not like guns. I would prefer that no one, EVER, be allowed one. But more important than gun control is taking care of the people of our nation...and the world. It is especially important to care for the disenfranchised and the mentally ill. 

But we can start even closer to home. Let's get back to a more caring time in our society. A time when we actually knew and cared for our neighbors. Our neighborhoods were our community and family. Hey, don't get me wrong, I love technology. Without it I wouldn't have friends in Greece or even Minnesota and certainly not in the Ukraine. But when we were more personally, face to face, connected with our world we knew our neighbors, when they were happy, sad, sick, hurting. We were connecting by more than a nod to strangers on our street. 

NO there has never been a utopian society, bet there was a lot less horrific crimes like what happened yesterday at Sandy Hook Elementary. Leave the guns alone, for now. Let's get to know our neighbors, care for t hem, love them. Let's not be afraid to discipline our children or allow others to do so (such as schools). Teach our kids morals and values, show them love and compassion. These things will go further to prevent such horrific events than gun control. We have to step over the ridiculously deep line in the sand that is drawn over gun control and get to the heart of the matter...PEOPLE!!!

Let your candle shine brightly, do not be discouraged. There is something that each of us can and should do. Hug your kids. Tell your friends and family that you love and value them. Get to know your neighbors, care about them and support them when they need it. I don't believe in or support child abuse, but discipline is a different story. Let's not be afraid to discipline our children. Teach them right from wrong. But mostly, let our kids know they are loved and we are there for them. Not to judge but to listen, to care, to help. And don't judge a neighbor, a friend, a family member...a stranger for being different or "a little out there," get to know them and the problems they have. Then lend them a helping hand, a shoulder to cry one, an ear to listen. Love them and cherish for, ABOUT them.

Once we have done all of that...then we can attack gun control and crime. And probably, there will be less need for that.

No, I do not ever expect to live in a utopian society. But I do dream of a world that is less scary and more loving!!!

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