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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Inspired Art --- Carol's Lamentare - un brutto sogno

It is rare that some thing/person/event inspires my art. The passing of my mother is one such occasion....My mother slept like a dolphin, with one eye This picture is for her and the large "eye" shape represents her in sleep. As a child she use to tell us that she slept with one eye open so that she could be sure we were behaving. I for one believed her. It used to scare me to be engaging in some mischief and look over to have that "eye" on me!!! I would behave Her life wasn't always easy, most often it was quite difficult and sad. But there were moments of happiness and peace, perhaps most related to her grandchildren. This drawing is my way of depicting that. I miss her, perhaps more for the stolen opportunity to reunite with her. But I have fabulous memories of a loving, prim and proper lady with one helluva saucy personality!!!

There are two in this series but this is the one that, for me, speaks to her the most. 


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