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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some of my "art"....just a tad to entice you....

Broken Floral Dreams 
Most of my art is what is often referred to as "non-objective" art. Simply put, geometric pattern. This is a "zentangle" inspired piece. I am not certified as a zentangle artist but I do enjoy many of their patterns and it works well with much that I enjoy. Please visit the official Zentangle Site at the following link:

But just google zentangle or zentangle patterns and you will open a world of fabulous talent and amazing patterns. ENJOY!!!

Diamond Dream Pathways

Both pieces shown here were part of a set of cards that I printed and donated to a silent auction for Wright State Universities Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Spring Community Awards Ceremony, June 3, 2011. I normally sell each card for $2.50 and a pack of 8 for $18.50. I also donated a pack of 8 photo cards. I know it is kind of gauche to speak of a donation, but I do so because I was so flattered that they accepted my humble donation. It fed my ego in a delightful manner and gave me thoughts of perhaps opening an etsy site. But, that is still in imagining stages. If it ever comes to fruition I will let you know immediately.

Live, Love, Laugh!!!

This final piece is my favorite stolen quote. I have no idea where it originated but I just love it. I have 3 mental illnesses and sometimes I need the reminder to get out and LIVE, risk my heart and LOVE and LAUGH as much as possible...laughter really is the best medicine!!! 

Well, this is my last post for the day, I hope you enjoyed my bits and bobs. We'll catch up again soon!!!

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