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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random Thoughtages...

My first blog...what should I blog about. I have so much on my mind. I love to cook and I found some snazzy good grown-up popsicles today....did you know you could make a popsicle using avocados??? Who knew, right? Check out Savory.TV ( for these awesome nummy grown up popsicles. Can't wait for the weather to get just a tad warmer and I am going to try them. May even turn the average ho-hum cocktail party into a Popsicle Party...sounds good, no?

But I like other things, like doodling. I made the hand design that I am using as my avatar here. It's really my hand too...that impresses you, doesn't it. Come on you can tell me, you are properly impressed that at nearly 50 I can trace my own hand!!! Yeah, oh no, I've been able to trace my hand for over 40 years!!! That's impressive too, isn't it. Come on, admit it, you are very, very impressed with my astonishing life long skill and technique. But seriously, I love to doodle designs and I plan on sharing them on this soon as I figure it out...maybe, more than likely, most probably I will...We'll see. No threats...I mean, no promises....<wink>

I also have four of the most charmingly royal cats that you could ever meet. Sometimes they do the most amazingly brilliant things. I could share them here!!! I'm sure you'd interested in hearing all about how my sweet kittens slept curled into each other for 17 hours. That's cute, yeah??? You know it is!! You know you know want pictures and details maybe video of the 17 hours sleep fest!!! I know you do...maybe, we'll see. It's a thought.

I could share my favorite quotes and short stories. I have many favorites. Tons really...Like "Work like you don't need the money, Love like you've never been hurt, Live like there's no tomorrow, and DANCE like noone is watching!!!" That's a great quote isn't it. It's like a motto to live by!!! You know you thought that! You were like, "That could be my new motto to live my life by!!!" I know thats what you thought. Don't be shy, you can admit that I am totally brilliant and shared a fabulous quote that you will embroider on a pillow and mold your life around. I'm that way, I will give you tons of little embroider-able gems that you can use to shape and build your life. I'm that way, no I am, just ask me!!! I'll tell ya the truth...I'm like that.

But right now...hmmmm, what random thoughtage do I want to leave you with on our first meeting? It should be something special, meaningful, inspiring. Hmmmmm......I got it, it's brilliant, it's life changing!!! Ready? Here it comes...the Random Thoughtage for the day is....

Never leave your house in dirty underwear, you never you know what will happen and who might see them!!!!

Love ya later!!!!

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